Monday, January 31, 2005


Yesterday's lesson on evangelism went better than I anticipated. And isn't that always the way? That when God wants something to succeed, it will, in spite of my best efforts! There was some great conversation during class that sprung from the sermon and I heard the same was true in other classes as well. And one sweet woman even told me that she felt a load had been lifted off of her that she's carried around for years. What pressure we've put on ourselves to share Jesus' love with other people. The truth is, if we just live our lives bathed in that love, the opportunities to share our faith will just rain down on us right and left! I think, as usual, I may get more out of teaching this stuff than anyone else gets from listening.

We are entering the dead time for baseball. The deals are almost all done...there is still a month or so until pitchers and catchers report...and there isn't much to talk about. I officially handed over the Commisioner's reins for the Hold 'Em League to Kevin last night. I hope we can get a few more guys to join us.

I'm sick's been off and on for a couple of months. This time, I may even go see a doctor. I think everyone's getting tired of hearing me cough all the time. Tonight, James and I are going to a Father/son dinner at Mountain View. It will be fun to have some outside-the-house time with him. I love showing him off. He's so sweet and so well-behaved most of the time. I'm just an incredibly proud dad.

Friday, January 28, 2005


Yeah, okay, that might be enough of the Greek alphabet.

That paragraph doesn't count.

Neither does the last one.

This could go on for a while.

The whole reason I started this blog was because I wanted to respond to Brandon's after ZOE had been in town. You had to create a blog to be able to respond to a blog (clever, eh?) and so I did. I've been reading his and Mike Cope's daily now. Mike's family is still recovering from Chris' accident and it's encouraging to see how a strong brother handles such things. It's nice to read about what these fellas are up to and it helps me remember to drop a prayer for them after I'm done reading. Maybe someday, if anybody ever happens on to my blog, they'll do the same for me.

Fresno State starts their baseball season today! They're on the road but it's a nice reminder that soon the sun will be shining, the birds will be singing, and the fly balls will be...well...flying.

Lisa left last night and is gone until Saturday. I have alot to do still to get ready for Sunday's sermon, so that's the plan for tonight. I'll have dinner with mother and son and then home and to bed--for him.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Last night's meeting turned into 3 meetings. I don't deal well with excuses and so I find myself disappointed with some of my brothers and sisters. But it was easier than I expected to put those things behind me and focus on the powerful results that God could work through this series on evangelism. If a single person comes to know Him as a result of this study, then there is no amount of frustration that wouldn't be worth it. I also came away from last night with a profound respect and even greater love for my brother Robert Gonzalez. What a tremendous guy!

Over the off-season, the Red Sox, Cardinals, and Angels have worked out an unintentional three-way trade of shortstops. The Cards ended up with--by far--the best deal of the three by landing David Eckstein. He is not as good offensively as the other two, but not very much worse. The others have better gloves too. But given how much less he is earning and what a fantastic clubhouse influence he is, Eckstein is easily the best value. The fans in St. Louis, who embraced Rex Hudler when he was just a utility guy there, are going to LOVE Eck. He's a good Christian guy who plays his heart out and loves the game of baseball. I'm going to miss him.

Last night, James slept all night wearing undies! No pullup! He was so proud of himself this morning and we are going to Boomer's next week to celebrate. The best part is, now Mommy and Daddy can keep sleeping in the morning after he wakes up around 6:15. Woo hoo!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


What do you say in a blog nobody's ever going to read?

This should be a 3 paragraph extravaganza each and every day. Paragraph 1 will forevermore be the BIBLE stuff: church, study, sermons, classes, and my own personal walk. Paragraph 2 will be the BASEBALL stuff: who did what, history, general thoughts, and what's up with the Anaheim Angels...or whatever they're calling themselves that day. The last paragraph will cover everything else. Today is the obvious exception to the 3 paragraph rule.

I just finished reading "Going Public with Your Faith," the book that our upcoming pulpit series is based on. Sunday, I will be giving the introductory lesson. Tonight a few of us will meet to pray for the series. I have a number of concerns about the worship committee: are people getting their jobs done...can we communicate with each other...will the deacons be a hindrance? I hope tonight I can be prayerful and positive, expressing my concerns but prioritizing my love for these men and women and the importance of teaching evangelism to the church.

Carlos Delgado is a Marlin. That sounds weird. I'm glad though. I like the Marlins and don't like the Braves and I think this makes it a race. I read an article this morning about how the Angels new centerfielder, Steve Finley, stays in shape. At 40, he's expected to step into the CF spot and show off his gold glove, while hitting 5th or 6th in the order and batting in 100. At 40, I hurt when I get out of bed.

Lisa leaves tomorrow for another conference. It will be nice to have more alone time with James, but it will be another weekend (following the ZOE conference last weekend) of little sleep. I need to catch up soon.

I guess what I said isn't true. Somebody IS going to read this blog. Me.

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