Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Anybody still there?

I think that's probably the longest I've ever gone between blog posts. And truth to tell, I don't know if this blog is still a going concern or not. Summer vacation usually mellows out my desire to share...Facebook has done its part too. But the next several months are going to be interesting ones, so I'm going to at least try to document them a bit.

First though, a James story.

Weekend before last, I was heading out of town. It was Thursday and I wouldn't be coming back until Sunday evening. So I called my boy to me and gave him a big hug. Then I gave him another. And then another. While he laughed, I explained that I was hugging him for Friday, for Saturday, and for Sunday.

For the next ten minutes, as I walked around the house and tried to accomplish those last-minute tasks before leaving, he followed me everywhere, hugging me every time I came to a stand-still. Finally I said, "Okay, bud, that's enough. You've hugged me for every day I'm going to be gone."

"But, Daddy," he said, "I hug you more than once a day!"

Gotta love that kid.

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