Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Space For Rent

Blogging is obviously not a high priority right now. There's simply too much else going on. I have, as my students say, "a grip of schoolwork" right now. We are also closing in on the AP Calculus test and we are having many tutorials (including the dreaded Saturday Sessions). James is playing baseball and practicing one night a week. And there's, y'know, other stuff.

So I'm thinking a lot about May 17th. That's the last day of the seminary semester. Everything will be turned in by that day (by hook or by crook, as my student's do not say) and then I'll be able to think/breathe/blog again.

I'll try to check in on other blogs as often as I can. But I'll be mostly out of it for the next month. Remember this: it doesn't mean I don't love ya!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Because It's That Time of Year

Each year I have a group of friends that predicts the winners for each baseball division. I like to have my own predictions on record somewhere so I use the blog. I completely understand if you non-baseball type click away.


West: Angels (duh)
Central: Twins (although a Tigers upset wouldn't shock me)
East: Rays
Wild Card: Yankees

Pennant: Angels


West: Dodgers
Central: Cubs
East: Phillies
Wild Card: Mets

Pennant: Phillies

World Champion: ANGELS!

Why not? I can pick at least a little bit with my heart, can't I? Of course I know that doing so has doomed my team to utter failure and humiliation. But once we get our whole rotation back in May, I think we'll cruise to the playoffs. And since the Red Sox won't see the postseason for a change, they won't be there to thwart us.

Opening Day is upon us. Play ball!

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