Friday, October 12, 2007

Indiana Jones and the Fresno Airport

I'm getting old.

This is how I know I'm getting old. About twenty years ago, we learned that William Shatner was directing Star Trek V at a location in Yosemite. With no thought nor concern to what real obligations we had that day, two buddies and I got in my car and drove, posthaste, to Yosemite. We didn't see much...just some props, some trailers, and the Shat directing one tiny scene. He wasn't even directing one of the actors, just a Bones lookalike. Still, it was great fun and I'll always get a thrill when I see that scene in the movie (which I never do because ST V was an awful movie and I don't even own it on DVD; I go straight from IV to VI).

So when I found out that they were shooting scenes for my favorite movie franchise of all time...when I found out that the little Chandler Airport in Fresno was being redressed for Indy IV...when I found out that Spielberg and Lucas and (yes!) Harrison Ford himself were here, I blew everything off and rushed there immediately, right? Right??

You see where I'm going. At what point in my life did I become so DARN responsible? Just because I had a Calculus class and tutorial just before a big test, I actually came to work. I blew off Indiana Jones for my kids! Love or stupidity? You be the judge.

I should mention here that very few people know what an enormous Indy fan I really am. I've seen "Raiders of the Lost Ark" well over 200 times. If ever marooned on a desert island, I'm in good shape; I'll just watch the movie over and over in my head until starvation overtakes me or Jeff Probst shows up. I walked into my wedding with the Indy theme playing, fercryinoutloud!

So, it's no wonder that I'm a bit shaken today. Indy was in town. And I missed him. I comfort myself thusly: I watched the filming of Star Trek V. It was horrible. I missed the filming of Indy IV. Maybe it's a good thing.

In other news, I received an unsigned sympathy card yesterday. Postmarked Sacramento. Sent, no doubt, in regards to the Angels loss. HiLARious.

Last night at dinner, my son, my own son, my flesh and blood, looks at me and says, "Daddy, when are the Angels playing again? JUST kidding!!" Hi-LAR-ious! Lisa turned red from failing to hold her laughter in.

With friends like these...


At 9:40 AM, Blogger Greg said...

Has James spent much time around Randy???

At 2:08 PM, Blogger Mayor of Blakersfield said...

I did the same. I wanted to go, but I had to work and study.

You did it again. You mention the Angels in another topic. Here I thought it was going to be about Indiana Jones and you snuck in the Angels at the end.

Your son is HiLARious. I will write that one down. Just keep him away from the Baker Boys. hahaha

Cya Sunday!

At 2:18 AM, Anonymous timeless said...

It was YOU who had the Indiana theme in the wedding!!! Now-w-w-w I remember! And you think YOU'RE old! Let me see, did you wear that cool hat?

I thought I was the only one who watched every single TV showing of Indy I, II, III. I must get the DVD' VCR is broken.

I still have the VCR tapes of that TV mini-series, "Fresno". Does anyone remember that? I tried to get downtown to watch them film the Fresno tower sequence, but got there too late.

At 6:37 AM, Blogger Meowmix said...

Sounds to me like James has inherited some of his dad's sense of humor!

If NOT going to see Indy means you're getting older, then I must be going the other way. Against my better judgment, I'm planning to go to my 40th class reunion this month. Haven't been to one, yet. Can't imagine what I'm thinking!

At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Char said...

You and my hubby would get along great! His cell phone ringtone is the Indy theme, and he has not only a hat (fedora?) like Indiana, but a whip, custom made boots (which he wears all winter), a custom made leather jacket (which he wears all winter), AND shirts like what Indy wears in the movie(s). Oh yea, and the purse (haha) or mini back-pack or whatever it is - he has one of those too (that he uses to carry his ipod and batteries and accessories whenever we go on trips).

We saw the info about filming in Fresno but couldn't work out how to go. In our (his) case it wasn't age that kept him home, but three kids and a wife and his in-laws in town visiting. Poor guy will just have to wait for summer 08 for his Indy fix.

At 3:27 AM, Blogger cwinwc said...

It is interesting (there's that word again) how we tend to lose some of the "crazy spontaneity" or at least the will to act upon it. I always and still do love a good "road trip."

James is and is going to give you a run for your money I believe. Please try not to say zarnx when he does.

At 8:52 AM, Blogger Randy said...

Did you at least walk around saying "Indi" (with the appropriate accent) to every person who asked for your opinion?

At 2:29 PM, Blogger Brady said...

200 times?

My jaw has officially dropped…


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