Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Stay Tuned

We all have our verbal tics, those things we say without even thinking about them. Teachers and public speakers are usually more aware of them because we talk for a living. Some people never notice how often they say "well" or "um" or "now." But I try to pay attention to these things because, heaven knows, I'm annoying enough as it is. Throw in too much verbal junk and I'll be intolerable.

So yesterday, after I ended my post with a "stay tuned," I wondered how many other times I'd done that. I knew it was quite a few. A simple "search blog" turned up my answer. I have ended seven blog posts with the words, "stay tuned." In two other posts, I ended paragraphs that way. Wow, I'm original, aren't I? Here are some things I learned from those posts.

June 18, 2007: I correctly predicted that I wouldn't blog much during summertime.

September 21, 2006: I was sick a LOT before my surgery. (Thanks, timeless.) Also, not many people outside of geekdom know who Bruce Campbell is. You're all really missing out.

June 5, 2006: I was sick (!) and yet looking forward to the Mason wedding anyway. It turned out very nicely, for the record. I still like them both quite a bit. Also, there was some sort of haiku contest. My memory is very hazy on this.

March 16, 2006: Some of my students' parents don't like me.

November 11, 2005: Apparently some kids rammed a car into my house.

May 5, 2005: Star Wars Episode III did not live up to its soundtrack. (By the way, yes I DID watch the "Family Guy" spoof. There were some very funny bits but for the most part, it just reminded me of why I do not watch "Family Guy." To quote my blog from this day, "Oog.")

April 5, 2005: Yeah, that's only one month between "stay tuned's." I wasn't as "tuned in" back then. Get it? "Tuned" in? This blog post included preaching, John Williams, Angels baseball, and Dr. Seuss. Good stuff. Oh, and it seems that I was sick.

February 8, 2005: My, but I've been blogging for a while! In this post, I was very excited for the upcoming baseball season, just as I am excited now for the upcoming postseason.

It's fascinating to look back and see how many things change...and how many things remain the same. I hope the Angels fare better this year than they did in 2005. I hope that Indy IV is better than Star Wars III. I hope my head stays clear of the gunk. I hope my love for preaching and blogging and all the other things that fill my blogbrain continues.

And I hope that I can cure these verbal tics.

Will I?

Stay tuned.


At 10:20 AM, Blogger Greg said...

We continue to stay tuned!

At 3:48 PM, Blogger preacherman said...

I am looking forward to you posting again. God bless you brother!

At 7:16 PM, Blogger cwinwc said...

I think one of my blog tics is the used of the word "interesting." Thanks for posting this interesting blog. I"m sure it will be interesting to see where it leads.

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At 6:17 AM, Blogger Brady said...

I think the Angels will take it in four… Still staying tuned…

I searched my blog: Interesting (7), stay tuned (0), Jesus (10), "I" (about 200 posts).

Looks like I've got some work to do…

At 10:13 AM, Anonymous timeless said...

What? I made you sick??? Aw-w-w.

You annoying??...hardly!! (Well, except when you launch into baseball-ese that I don't know what you're talking about.)

You were right about another thing...the two top teams are playing each other in the first round. Your Angels' angels need to start shouting down their demons!'re amazing!


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